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Information about Sniffy

Hi my name is Sniffy

Meet Sniffy
Sniffy is a beautiful and affectionate girl eager to connect and please.
She’s a Beagle x Harrier but definatly more beagle.
She’s been desexed, vaccination and all that important stuff.
At just under 3 years old she has a zest for life and will be suitable for a family that can take her out for daily exercise.
Sniffy loves children and will happily play and be patted for hours. She can sometimes jump to give kisses so would be suitable for families with school aged children or older.
Sniffy has acquired a few bad habits in her short life, through no fault of her own, however she is eager to please and responding quickly to training at her foster home.
Sniffy was not walked often in the past but is quickly learning to walk on the lead and even enjoys a jog. While she does sometimes pull on the lead, she does not react when passing other dogs out walking, or those behind fences.
True to her name, she will approach other people and dogs for a curious sniff!
Sniffy has settled in well living with a Labrador friend in her foster house. She does tend to dominate in play with another dog a similar size at the moment but this should settle with some more training. She’s settling in more and more each day.
She seems unfazed by noise in the house and travels well in the car.
She’s very sweet and affectionate and loves a cuddle on the couch, and getting more and more cuddly as she settles in more.
She’s getting much better with commands and generally better behaved.
She is slowly learning to share toys
She is also learning to play with her foster sister but Sniffy gets dominant and Sage walks away so she still has some learning to do, but she really wants to learn.
She’s going to be a beautiful dog for the right family.`
So if you think you can give Sniffy a great new fur ever home please drop us an email at
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