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Beagle Rescue QLD is an all-volunteer, home foster based, not-for-profit registered charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, neglected beagles and hounds in council pounds at risk of euthanasia, be they pedigree, purebred or beagle mixes.

We help Owner Surrenders when they are no longer able to care for their beagles be it due to health, financial or any reason without judgment.

We strive to reduce the overpopulation of accidental breeding by educating the public and spaying/neutering all our beagles and hounds prior to adoption, we also, when possible, encourage owners selling entire dogs on Gumtree or other classifieds/online to surrender or sell to us for a small fee when we believe they are at risk of being used in a breeding operation or puppy mill.


Beagle Rescue QLD, also known as Beagles and Hounds Queensland Inc. is a registered, not for profit charity based throughout QLD with regional hubs in Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns as well as northern NSW.

We help all beagles in need be they pedigree, purebred or beagle mixes. The dedication of our charity is to prevent and relieve the suffering of animals by undertaking rescue, care, welfare and rehoming of abandoned or unwanted beagle breed canines (including but not limited to beagles, harriers, foxhounds, basset hounds and Bloodhounds) and to Rescue beagles from neglect, abuse, and abandonment, be they impounded strays or surrendered by their owners.

While many of the hounds that come to us are usually one at a time we have also rehomed many Bonded pairs and have also taken in to our care  of puppies of varying ages from  a few weeks old.

Beagles Rescued


We currently have approx. 30 Foster Carers mostly in Brisbane and surrounds with several in a variety of areas all over QLD s including Cairns, Townsville, Roma, Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast as well as NSW and now Northern Territory.

Without the continued support of our Foster Carer families and their selflessness and tireless efforts we would NOT be able to take into care as many beagles as we do.

Our general volunteers are a wonderful collective of people from all walks of life who help us with Transporting Beagles, numerous fundraising events and not forgetting the generous donations by those same volunteers that they continually make for food, worming, flea/tick treatment, bits and pieces for the foster dogs.

They give their time freely and it is always appreciated by our committee.

Our Organization

We are a small group of like-minded people who absolutely love the beagle and hound breeds and whenever possible we help beagles in need of rescue and/or rehoming. We are the first and only breed specific charity for Beagles in QLD. We formed in November 2015 as an incorporated body and gained our registered not for profit charity status on 18 AUG 2016.

Beagle Rescue QLD has made a LARGE impact on the many lives of the beagles that have come into our care. As a foster based rescue, it means that our beagles are not kept in cages or kennels, our beagles are placed in foster homes where they are given love and time to relax and settle and are treated as members of the family. For some, it is the first time that they have experienced TLC and the gentle touch of human kindness.

While in foster care they are fully vetted by our rescue Vets, socialized, toilet trained and any other welfare, medical and/or behavioural needs are attended too. They stay in foster for as long as they need and when they are ready to be adopted we take great care in selecting a home that matches the needs of each beagle. We do not have a turnaround time as each beagle and their needs are different, some will be adopted quickly but for some it can take many months of medical care and rehabilitation before they are ready to be adopted.  Today we are now into the 100s of beagles and hounds rescued and adopted… from puppies to golden oldies and all ages in between.




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Our Goals

BHQ is devoted to the beagle, cross-bred beagles and directly related hound breeds, with an understanding and appreciation of their unique natures.

BHQ understands the special qualities of beagles and hounds and we are committed to strive to find the perfect home for each and every hound that comes into our care. Having unique personalities will mean that we will find the best home, not the first home.

To rescue beagles from neglect, abuse, and abandonment, be they impounded strays or surrendered by their owners.

To regularly check online listings, gumtree and trading posts for dogs being rehoused and contact owner to purchase when financially possible. Making priority to those dogs who are still entire, to discourage backyard breeding.

To provide a high standard of medical care and rehabilitation whilst the beagle or hound is in our care.

To vet check, heart worm test, de-sex, vaccinate, and treat any known medical issues ASAP, rehoming them as fit, healthy hounds having addressed the physical, social and psychological problems before rehoming.

To ensure each rescued beagle or hound is adopted into an approved, caring new home that will provide the quality of life every hound deserves in a forever home.

To encourage and improve education within the community on topics relating to beagles and hounds, including but not limited to:

– Is a beagle or hound breed right for me?

– The benefits and importance of de-sexing;

– Duty of care and responsible ownership;

– Training;

– The importance of socialisation for puppies and dogs;

– Basic nutrition; and

– Overall health care.

To improve public knowledge and awareness with educational material available to the wider community via the BRQ webpage, weekend seminars, and training workshops.

To build a directory of Professional trainers and Vets.

To work with pounds, reputable rescue groups, and breed clubs both in Queensland and interstate to encourage and support rescue efforts for beagles and hounds nationwide.

To support the Beagle Freedom Project Australia (currently run by Beagle Rescue Vic Inc.) with their efforts in Queensland and Australia with the rescue and rehabilitation of laboratory beagles and awareness campaigns.

To display in shopping centres, markets, and dog extravaganzas with pop up adoption services, fundraising, awareness, welfare and education for rescue, puppy farming/mills, de-sexing and animal testing.

To provide fun, social, and family friendly events to get like-minded hound owners together with, walks, fundraising events, lure course, nose works, treasure hunts and fun game days all over Queensland.

To always be available 24/7 to help a beagle in need and take them into our care.